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Optiinvoice is the most inexpensive and simplest way to communicate electronic documents.

All surveys show that there are large savings to be made using electronic handling. Skip the thoughts about expensive and inefficient scanner solutions. Discover the advantages with a totally digital solution, Optiinvoice. Start using Optiinvoice today and utilize all the benefits.

How easy can it be to obtain an EDI solution?
The easiest way to describe Optiinvoice is - Make a print-out and leave the rest to Optiinvoice! A more thorough description would be something like this: Optiinvoice sender application "scans" the printer file (or an XML file), separates the documents intended for digital handling, encrypts and sends the file to the receiver. The receiver application decrypts the file and delivers an image file and data to the intended target systems.
Positive effects!
- Effective and exact processing.
- No more costs for postage and handling
- Eliminates manual rutine tasks.
- Eliminates errors caused by manual registration.
- Reduced circulation time.
- Substantially shortened administrative handling.
- Provides possibilities for better service.
- Strengthens relations between customers and supplier.
What is Optiinvoice?
Optiinvoice is a product for digital transmission of documents via e-mail or any other media and is when it comes to functions comparable to EDI solutions. Optiinvoice delivers an image file and a text-, Edifact- or XML-file etc. with essential information.
In an invoice form template this can for example include:
- header information such as amount, dates, VAT etc.
- line item information such as product name, price, quantity etc.
What can Optiinvoice be used for?
More and more companies use digital solutions for their invoices. With the help of Optiinvoice the complete flow is easily digitalized. Optiinvoice handles complete business transactions, from orders to invoices, without manual involvement.
The possibilities are infinite!