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About Us

Optiinvoice AB

Optiinvoice AB was founded during 2002 primarily to develop and administrate the software Optiinvoice. The headquarter is located in Stockholm with branch offices in Denmark and Finland. Optiinvoice is sharing its office with the sister company Optiteam AB, that develops and sells solutions within digital graphical file handling, such as the software Optimaker.

Business concept

To offer huge cost savings with a simple, unique and inexpensive method for communicating documents and document contents. Our goal is to make this method a de facto standard.


During the fall of 2001 a new method for the distribution of digital documents was developed. Patent applications concerning this method have been submitted world-wide (PCT).

The goal for Optiinvoice was to make invoice template online and cost-efficient solution for digital document handling on the marketplace, including ability to support administrative routines, and thereby optimize benefits to the customers.


Optiinvoice AB will focus on finding the most suitable national distributors, initially in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, The Netherlands, UK and USA, which are the countries that are leaders within digital file handling.